HP Smart App (previously assigned to as HP All-in-One) is software that gives you set up, and handle your HP printer the method of your Smartphone or various devices and scan, print, balance Reports, and Image in the friendly-environment process.


Hp Smart App Download and Setup for Android and iOS Devices

  1. HP Smart App Installation for Android and iOS allows you to Print, Copy, Scan, and Troubleshoot Printer Problems for cellular devices.
  2. HP Smart App Download and Installation is completed by visiting 123.hp.com out of your Android or iOS Mobile Phones.
  3. Assure that your Smartphone has a wireless area connection.
  4. Unbox the Installed Hp smart App and Add your HP Printer.
  5. If your Printer is shown to your tool, then proceed to the next step.
  6. To entirely set up, choose your printer and follow the Guidance shown at the display.
  7. If your Printer is not in the checklist, choose the “+” sign to set up a new one and continue the On-screen Method.
  8. Print, and scan the method of Smartphones and Tablets
  9. Choose the Print icon for your tool.
  10. If you might be Printing from the on-line, contract into your account.
  11. Search for Image or Report to Print for your Mobile Device.
  12. Click the Printer or Print icon to Finish the Reports printing the usage of the Hp Smart App on mobile devices.


The Promoted File Format changes are,

HP Smart App for Android units: Image(JPEG, PNG) and PDF reports.

HP Smart App for iOS devices: Image (JPEG, PNG), PDF, and Microsoft Office Suite reports (report, Docx, Xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx), text (TXT) data, and stored website.

Copy paperwork the method of HP Smart App for Android and iOS Devices

  1. Easily choose the Copy icon from the Smart App. If you can’t see any print icon in the application, Personalize the button and Choose Copy again.
  2. Select the Reports you need to replicate so easy as imaginable and Install it on a peculiar Surface.
  3. For the environment, the dimensions of the different reports, click the Object size button.
  4. If you want to enable flash mode, then tap the Flash icon.
  5. Choose the mode of print (Auto or Manual) to finish the Setup.
  6. If you might be the method of Auto mode, Install the device over the reports you want to replicate and Put the Camera constantly to Do better Copying.

HP Smart App for Android

Go to the Camera to the next merchandise right away, as soon as the Report is generally scanned, or just tap the suitable arrow to Finish the Copying Method.

HP Smart App for iOS

Go to the Camera to the following item correct away, once the Report is regularly scanned, or just click the round web page count icon which is located within the most reasonable peculiar corner in Application Screen to Finish the Copying Method.

If you might be the method of standard mode, Install the Screen in the middle of the Report you want to replicate and Choose the Recovery icon to Copy the Reports. Then the Print Preview image screen will be shown. If you need to copy more pages, tap the Add Pages icon.

So the HP Smart App has been downloaded and put in impact on your Android and iOS Devices. So that We can Use Printing, scanning, and Copying paperwork and Image from your Smartphones and Tablets.


Hp Smart App Download and Setup for Windows 10 Devices

  1. See Windows Store on your Windows 10 device for HP Smart App Download and Installation Setup by following the Guidance given.
  2. Open the Smart App out of your Windows machine.
  3. After your Printer is Shown in the List, Snap to continue with the setup.
  4. If your Printer isn’t within the Show, then snap the “+” signal and Add your Printer by averages of applying the ON SCREEN guidance. Furthermore, the New Printer is set up for the performance of the Smart App.

Print or scan paperwork Utilizing HP Smart App on your Windows 10 Devices

Utilizing the HP Smart App desktop, We can Print and scan Reports from the Printer by Snap the Print and Scan icons sequentially. We too can Scan the Image by the process of the performance of the Windows 10 tool’s camera.

Printing a PDF or Saved pictures to your Windows 10 software

  1. Open your HP smart App desktop and snap-on Print Report or Images.
  2. Recognize the Reports (pdf) or Pictures within the Images folder or Report folder or different folder the place the File must be distributed is Saved.
  3. Choose the image or document you need to print and click Print.
  4. Then the Microsoft Print Preview window will be shown the Preview of our Report or images we need to Print.
  5. Snap the Print button from the Preview Window. Next, the Printer Starts Printing your reports or Pictures.
  6. After Consuming Print jobs, Click complete from the HP Smart App. Then it’s working to profit again on the Home screen.

Scanning a Document or Image the use of HP Smart App in Windows 10 OS

  1. Click the Scan icon from the HP smart App desktop. The scan window will be open.
  2. Then Modify the Settings like Page resolution and analysis, Document types, Page output descriptions, and Compression to trouble with the Scan Jobs.
  3. Then Method by Click Scan Button. The Report or Picture Scanning method will start.
  4. The Scan report Preview will show. In this Preview image, you can edit and create any modifications like crop, rotate, etc,… you’ll also manually rotate the border by defending one of the moodiest dots.
  5. After finishing the modifying Method, Click Apply. Then the Result Window will show.
  6. In the Result window, you’ll be ready to print, rename, save, share, or add pages.
  7. Finish the Scanning Method by saving or sharing the scan jobs and Click enough.
  8. So the HP Smart App has been downloaded and established on Windows 10 Devices. You can Use Printing, scanning, and Copying paperwork and Image out of your windows 10 Operating System.


HP Smart App Setup and Download for Mac OS

  1. Hp Smart App may also be downloaded and Installed by means of visiting 123.hp.com setup and use the On-Screen Ready.
  2. Open hp Smart App and Add your printer.
  3. If one or more printers are connected, the smart app selection of the Printer automatically. Select the Printer you want to work on by swiping left or right. If the Printer doesn’t place in the listing, Add a various printers by applying an on-screen Immediate.
  4. If you need to set up a New Printer, Select Printer >> Set up a New Printer, and observe the on-display screen prompt.
  5. So the Hp smart App Setup and set up for Mac is Finished.


You can Print or Scan paperwork and Pictures on Mac Devices by easily clicking the Print or scan icon sequentially on the HP Smart App desktop.

Print a Report or pictures on Mac OS the Utilize of HP Smart App

  1. Snap the Print icon, Then Choose Print Report or Print Picture.
  2. Choose and Load the Report or image you want to print. Then the Print window will show.
  3. Click Print Scan a Report or images to your Mac OS the use of HP Smart App:

Scanning a document or image the use of Smart App in Mac OS

  1. Snap the Scan icon from the HP smart app home screen.
  2. Next, the Scan Window show.
  3. Utilizing Scan Window, modify any Settings to make the scan Jobs and snap-on scan.
  4. Modify the border, rotate, crop, if necessary, and then click on Apply.
  5. If you want to scan more pages, snap add pages and Next Save/proportion the Scan Job.
  6. Thus the HP Smart App has been downloaded and placed on Mac Strongly. You can Use Printing, Copying, and Scanning paperwork and Image out of your Mac OS.


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