HP Printer Fax Setup

HP Fax Setup

Faxing is a safe means for sharing data compared to mail or other settings. HP has generated Fax-capable multifunctional printers within which you can send reports to any fax machine. You can both utilize the landline phone or cellular service.

How To Set Up And Send A Fax From HP Printer

  1. Connect the phone wall jack to your printer’s 1-LINE jack utilizing a phone cord.
  2. Open Fax Setup Wizard on your PC.
  3. Fixed your Fax choices and settings.
  4. Instead, open the Fax or Setup menu on your printer’s control panel and set your choices.
  5. Choose the Run a Fax Test choosing under the Fax menu to get a record.
  6. Locate the report that you need to fax on the scanner glass.
  7. Dial you’re receiving a fax number from the control panel and click Black, Color, or Send.

Detailed Guidance For Setting Up Fax By Landline Telephone Service

  1. Receive a telephone cord with connectors that have two-wire edges.
  2. Start one end of the phone cord into your phone’s wall jack and the other end to the 1-LINE jack on your printer’s back.
  3. If you have an answering machine, utilize a phone cord to connect the answering machine to the 2-EXT jack of your printer. The answering machine can instantly record voice calls without the obstacle of sounds from faxes.
  4. Open the HP Software on your PC and set choices and settings for fax below the Fax Setup Wizard on your Windows OS or Basic fax settings on your Mac.
  5. Instead, you can also utilize the Fax or Setup menu on your printer’s control panel to set your choices.
  6. Build a fax header that should add your name, your business’ name, and the fax your telephone number.
  7. Permit the Answer mode if needed and choose a ring type, dial type, and fax volume.
  8. You can also select the number of rings to answer, i.e., the printer includes the number and answers the call after the fixed number rings.
  9. Open the Fax menu on the printer’s control panel and choose the Run Fax Test option. Wait for the printer to print data containing test results and guidance for resolving the problem if any.
  10. Insert the report to be faxed, on your scanner glass. If you need to fax multiple pages, load your report in the Automatic Report Feeder.
  11. Dial you’re receiving a fax number including the area core, line access code, and country-code from the control panel, and choose Black, Color, or Send. The printer prints a fax document if the fax was sent successfully.


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