How To Fix HP Printer Scan Error WIA (Windows Image Acquisition)?

How To Fix HP Printer Scan Error WIA?

How To Fix HP Printer Scan Error WIA?

The issue appears when you are trying to work with the HP printer scan. Below we have various ways to fix HP Printer scan error WIA that is simple for the client to apply as well. Let’s follow these ways here and verify whether it will help us eliminate the technical error code or not?

Methods to fix HP Printer scan error WIA are

Method 1: Restart the dependences services

Follow the guidance below to go ahead with this method

  1. Snap-on begins and goes to the ‘Search box and type “services” without quotes.
  2. Presently, scroll down till a “Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)’ choice will look.
  3. As per the HP printer support service team, double snap-on it and snap-on the “Dependencies’ icon. You will come across different services listed.
  4. Exit from that window and exploration for Remote Procedure Call (RPC).
  5. Assure whether it is a manual or an automatic method. Assure that the service is operating though.
  6. Go to the Shell Hardware Detection part and double snap-on it.
  7. Set the ‘Start-up” type as a “Manual” method and click the “Apply” button.
  8. Snap-on the “Start” button to resume the service and verify for any problem if detected?

Method 2: Verify whether the WIA service is operating or not. To do this, execute the here steps

  1. Snap the start icon and enter the “services. MSC” command in the search bar. There should be externally any quotes. Touch the “enter” button to work extra.
  2. Search for WIA service and begin to work with the service
  3. Install the WIA driver on the PC and follow all guidance as supervised.

This was another way to fix HP Printer scan error WIA. 

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