Fix Hp Printer In Offline Issue

HP Printer Offline

One of the most commonly happening issues is the HP printer offline error which happens without any clear reason. Therefore in this writeup, we have described the reasons for this issue along with its troubleshooting steps. So whenever you are in a position where your HP printer keeps working offline, just follow the guidance given in the section below. 

Why Is My HP Printer Showing Offline Status ?

Assure ‘Use Printer Offline’ Mode Is Not Chosen

HP wireless printer goes offline if “Use printer in offline mode” is chosen. Therefore a client must assure that this choice is not chosen. The navigation for improving this setting is as follow-

  1. Choose the ‘start’ menu- snap-on ‘settings’
  2. Snap-on ‘devices’ – ‘printer and scanners’
  3. Presently from the registered printers, choose and right snap-on your HP printer.
  4. Thereafter from the menu, uncheck the choice of “Use Printer Offline”. Presently your Hp printer comes back in online mode.

Assure your printer is “Set as default printer” to fix HP printer offline problem

If your HP printer has gone offline on your Windows 10 or any other OS, follow these provided troubleshooting steps – 

  1. Snap-on the Windows button and enter in ‘Run’. Now type ‘Control Panel’ in the dialogue box and touch ‘OK’. 
  2. Snap-on the ‘Device and Printer’ choice after which you will see your registered HP printer. If your printer has a green checkmark, it means that your printer is now ‘set as default’.  
  3. If not then right snap-on your printer and snap the choice of “Set as a default printer.” 
  4. Presently your printer will successfully work and printer offline issues will no longer be obvious in your HP printer.

Verify Printer Driver - Remove or Update Old Version

  1. HP printer forever displays offline error in case of an old or wicked printer driver. Follow these steps to upgrade or re-install drivers on your Windows.
  2. Go to the Windows search and locate “Device Manager” and snap-on it
  3. Presently open the section where it relates ‘Printers’.
  4. Presently from the extended section, find your printer’s model number and ‘Right Click’ on it and snap-on ‘Update Driver’ choice. 
  5. Next touch on the ‘search automatically’ choice and wait for your printer driver to upgrade. Once the method is finished, restart your PC. 
  6. If you need to reinstall your driver, go to ‘control panel’ and snap-on ‘remove programs’ and uninstall your current HP printer driver. Download your printer’s driver from HP’s website and install it. To know more about this method,
  7. Next following the earlier troubleshooting steps you will never feel the issues where your HP printer goes offline in Windows 10 or any other OS.

Troubleshoot Printer Spooler Settings

HP printer displays offline messages when the printer spooler is closed. To fix this, follow these steps- 

  1. Initially, open the ‘Run’ dialog box and enter “Services. MSC” and Snap-on “OK”
  2. Presently from the listed items, find the choice of “Print Spooler”
  3. Right, snap-on it and choose the “Stop” choice to pause the print spooler services.
  4. Next snap-on the address bar from the ‘Windows File Explorer’ and enter C:\Windows\System32\Spool\Printer and snap-on ‘OK’.
  5. Presently delete all the files from your printer folder to clear the printing file.
  6. Following, go back to “Print Spooler” and right snap-on it, and choose “Start” to continue the spooler service again.
  7. Finally, restart your PC and printer and your complaint of “HP printer Says offline” will be worked.

These steps will assist the client to bring back your HP printer from offline to online in Windows 10 or any other OS.

Other Major Factor Due To Which 'HP Printer Shows Offline'

Whenever your HP printer says offline, always think these factors

  1. In the instance of a wireless connection, always assure that your printer and PC are on the same Wi-Fi network. To understand more about connecting your HP printer to a wireless network, 
  2. Once the HP printer is configured in your PC, constantly reboot your device so that the settings of the HP printer can be saved.
  3. Paper stack, low ink levels, voltage changes, loss of compatibility are other causes that may cause your printer to go offline.

Verify Your Wire Connection When HP Printer Goes Offline

In some instances, HP printers keep going offline due to incorrect connection. To fix this follow the provided steps- 

  1. Verify if USB cable’s both edges are correctly connected to printer and PC. If you have a wireless connection, assure the printer and router connectivity is suitable.
  2. Also, assure that the power cable is whole without any cuts and is connected correctly between printer and power outlet.

HP Printer Keeps Going Offline ? verify For Network Connection Error

You may usually face a situation where your HP printer keeps going offline. 

  1. One of the key causes for the printer showing offline is the problem with its Wi-Fi connectivity.
  2. Different key cause for the HP printer to be offline is that its IP address is not configured correctly in the laptop or the home screen.

From an error message pops up stating “Printer is offline”. To assure that the IP address is configured correctly, follow the given steps-

  1. Begin ‘HP configuration screen’.
  2. Snap-on ‘networking tab’ from settings.
  3. Choose the IP address choice from the drop-down menu
  4. Snap-on the setting choice and type the correct IP address perfectly.
  5. These steps will enable you to destroy the error that comes due to the incorrect IP address. 


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