Embedded Web Service for Hp Printer

Embedded Web Service(EWS) for Hp Printers

This report is for network-capable printers & Wi-Fi Direct Prints. The Embedded Web Server (EWS) is a homepage printer located by a web browser to manage settings, make updates, and perform support tasks.

EWS Setup in hp printer

There are many methods to obtain the printer homepage: for printers connected to a local area network: notice the printer data processing address, the different number allotted to the network printer, and enter it in the internet browser address bar.

Use the smart app: given on your home screen or mobile device by the printer settings inside the hp smart app.

Connection with Wi-Fi Direct to the hp printer

Set up with a direct wireless connection to your printer, then enter the IP address in an Internet browser address bar. To open the printer homepage pick your personal method for detailed steps.

Utilize the IP address (network-connected printers)

If your printer is connected to the local network, get the IP address, and then enter it into a PC browser to open the desktop of your printer.

  1. Ensure that your printer is wired to a similar network as your mobile gadget or laptop.
  2. Obtain an IP address for your printer.
  3. Touch-screen control panel your printers: perform an IP address in the Wireless menu or in settings.

HP printer EWS Touch-screen control panel-free printers

print a network setup page to get your printer IP address. To print the sheet, touch the Wireless and data buttons on many models. Enter your IP address in the address line of your Web browser, and then touch Enter.


  1. Snap to Continue to open your printer desktop if a security certificate issues on your website.
  2. Utilizing the Smart printer app Access the printer site by the Smart printer settings tab.
  3. Verify that your PC, such as a laptop or mobile PC, or a different PC are connected to your network on which you need your printer to line up.
  4. Install your printer on and to your laptop for router plans.
  5. Open the smart app, then follow the guidelines for connecting your HP From the desktop, click or click the system name of your printer.
  6. Scroll down the settings list to choose Advanced Settings or desktop Printer (EWS).
  7. If a security document on the web page is displayed, click the printer desktop still to open.

Connection Wi-Fi Direct with a printer

To access your printer webpage on your laptop, utilizing a direct wireless wi-fi connection to your printer as per the guidebook.

  1. Install the printer next to your PC.
  2. Turn on your printer and assure that the ink cartridges are correctly installed and the paper is put inside the box.
  3. Receive the name and password of your Wi-Fi Direct printer.

Printers, while not showing a bearing panel

Snap the data button to print a report including the name and password. If your printer doesn’t get this guidance, turn to Printing with Wi-Fi Direct for more information and choices.

  1. Select your name for your Wi-Fi Direct printer from your network list, and then type the password to connect to your printer.
  2. Enter 168.223.1 into the address bar inside an application program
  3. If a security certificate on the web page is displayed, snap-on the printer desktop to start loading.
  4. When doing any changes, reconnect to your Native-WiFi Network.


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